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Event report

Report on the 5th ESID Prague Spring Meeting
May 8-9, 2006, Prague
Institute of Immunology, 2nd Medical School, Charles University, Prague

On May 8 and 9, 2006, the fifth ESID Prague Spring meeting was held at the University Hospital Motol, Prague, Czech Republic. Twenty seven participants from 10 countries, namely Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Russia and the UK attended and actively participated in the event; this represents a further increase in participants from a continually widened area. In addition we welcomed again a member from IPOPI and representatives from the sponsoring companies.

Traditionally the main task of the Prague ESID meeting is devoted to the exchange of information on primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs) between Western and Central Europe. This task was accomplished this year through an excellent attendance from both parts of the European continent. The invited speakers were Christine Kinnon from Molecular Immunology Unit, UCL Institute of Child Health in London and Benjamin Gathmann from Department of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology in Freiburg. As in previous years, Helen Chapel, from the University of Oxford has provided great support in participating in the meeting and helping to organise the educational dimension.

The introductory lecture of the meeting served as an overview of the current state of the gene therapy. Christine Kinnon covered the history of this pioneering treatment option for severe forms of PIDs and outlined its potential prospects as well. One section of the programme of the first day focused on issues with pan-European impact, including the new ESID on-line registry of PIDs and disparities in the diagnosis, care and treatment of PIDs amongst European countries. All the participants, representing 8 EU member states, Romania and Russia, took an active part in the discussions. The outcomes from these fruitful discussions will serve as a base for discussions at the forthcoming EU Public Health Consensus meeting in June 2006 in Germany.

The programme of the second day concentrated on humoral deficiencies, the crucial topic of this year’s meeting. The latest advancements and discoveries in the research of molecular background of antibody deficiencies were discussed as well as laboratory tools used for the classification of these entities. Case reports formed substantial part of the programme, including newly discovered immunodeficiencies, as for example, the recently described Cernunnos deficiency. The unusual and interesting cases were highly appreciated.

The social programme is an important part of the Prague Spring ESID meeting, as it enables further fostering of close cooperation between Central and Western European countries. The relaxing stroll through Prague Castle, dinner in a restaurant in the historical quarter of Prague and a concert in a jazz club were all enjoyed by the participants.

The meeting was supported by the Charles University, 2nd Medical School, Prague and by University Hospital in Motol, Prague and substantial contributions from pharmaceutical companies Baxter, Grifols, Exbio and Immunotech.

Meeting was organized as a part of the activities related to the Day of Immunology, declared by EFIS on 29th April, 2006.

This year meeting has confirmed the still growing scientific quality of the conference and the usefulness of this educational activity.

The next ESID Prague Spring Meeting will be directed mainly at ESID Juniors from as many countries as possible and will be held in Prague on May 14 and 15, 2007.

Anna Sediva, Ales Janda

Prague, May 11, 2006


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Date Time Topic Lecturer Materials for download
08.05 09.00 Welcome speech Jirina Bartunkova, Anna Sediva
08.05 09.15 An Update on Gene Therapy for Primary Immunodefciencies Christinne Kinnon, London, UK
08.05 10.00 Intravenous Immunoglobulin Reimbursement in the Czech Republic Anna Sediva, Prague, Czech Republic
08.05 10.15 Different Therapeutic Approaches in CGD Patients with Infectious Deteriorations Elizaveta Galkina, Moscow, Russia
08.05 10.30 Treatment of a Patient with Complete diGeorge/CHARGE Syndrome Ales Janda, Prague, Czech Republic
08.05 11.00 Children’s Memorial Health Institute Experience in Management of Children with Primary Immunodeficiencies after Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Beata Wolska-Kusnierz, Warsaw, Poland
08.05 13.00 ADA Deficiency Renata Formankova, Prague, Czech Republic
08.05 13.15 Late Onset of Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Bernadett Mosdosi, Pecs, Hungary
08.05 13.30 SCID Patient with Generalised BCG-itis, Haemophagocytosis, EBV-lymphoma after Three Bone Marrow Transplantations Anna Yurasova, Moscow, Russia
08.05 13.45 Case Report of a XLP Patient Peter Ciznar, Bratislava, Slovakia
08.05 14.00 The ESID Online Registry – Status and Perspectives Benjamin Gathmann, Freiburg, Germany
08.05 14.30 Perspectives of IPOPI - The International Organization for Patients with PID Eva Soergel, Nuremberg, Germany
09.05 09.00 An Update on Common Variable Immunodeficiency Helen Chapel, Oxford, United Kingdom
09.05 09.05 T- and B-lymphocyte Subpopulations in Patients with Selective IgA Deficiency Jiri Litzman, Brno, Czech Republic
09.05 09.45 Relations between T- and B- Lymphocyte Abnormalities in CVID Patients and Their Age Dependency Marcela Vlkova, Brno, Czech Republic
09.05 10.00 Molecular Genetic Analysis of the Gene Encoding TACI in Czech Patients with IgAD and CVID Tomas Freiberger, Brno, Czech Republic
09.05 10.15 Anti-galactosyl Natural Antibodies in the Patients with Antibody Deficiency Marketa Hamanova, Brno, Czech Republic
09.05 10.30 Immunoglobulin substitution, products of Baxter Bioscience Division Miroslav Hlauco, Prague, Czech Republic
09.05 10.45 BTK Mutation Affects Cytokine Production After Viral RNA Recognition in Myeloid Dendritic Cell Klara Sochorova, Prague, Czech Republic
09.05 11.00 Primary Immunodeficiencies in Adults (Lithuanian experience) Audra Blaziene, Vilnius, Lithuania
09.05 11.15 Common Variable Immunodeficiency in Adults Kestutis Cerniauskas, Vilnius, Lithuania
09.05 11.30 Retrospective Case Studies of sIgAD Patients Zoltan Ellenes-Jakabffy, Oradea, Romania
09.05 11.45 Primary Antibody Deficiencies in Estonia Sirje Velbri, Tallin, Estonia
09.05 13.30 Cernunnos Deficiency - Case Report Edyta Heropolitañska – Pliszka, Warsaw, Poland
09.05 13.45 Immune Response and Hormonal Alterations in C1-inhibitor Deficiency Vojtech Thon, Brno, Czech Republic
09.05 14.00 Autoimmune Presentations in Chromosome Breakage Syndromes Svetlana Vakhlyarskaya, Moscow, Russia






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