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Lab equipment - research labs of the Department of Immunology

The research labs of the Department of Immunology are fully equipped for the experimental work with cells - mainly the funcional and phenotypic studies on human leukocytes. Excelent instrumentation of the research labs allowed us to contribute to great advancement in the dendritic cells research and also to prepare protocols for clinical use of the dendritic cells.

The cell culture laboratory

  • Work with in-vitro primary human cells and cell lines, laminar flow hoods to provide sterile workspace.


  • Analysis of surface and intracellular cell markers; possibility to monitor up to 11 different markers simultaneously.
  • Separation (sorting) of cell subpopulations defined by specific expression of the cell markers.

Confocal microscope Olympus

  • Analysis of the localization of the specific marker within cell or tissue sample.
  • Detailed disciminination of the cell structures due to accurate focusing on the specific focal plane in the sample
  • Possibility to create three-dimensional visualization of the sample Analýza lokalizace sledovaného znaku v rámci buňky nebo tkáně

iCycler: quantitative real-time PCR instrument

  • Accurate quantification of the RNA or DNA copies in the sample; thus it is possible to measure the expression level of the genes.

Elispot Reader, LUCIA system

ELISPOT is a method to visualize cells producing certain cytokine or other soluble factor. Frequency of cytokine-producing cells in the cell suspension is set with high sensitivity. The spot analysis is performed using the Elispot Reader, instrument with CCD camera and special software for the detection and counting of spots in the microplate wells

Slide-based screening station scan^R

  • Modular imaging platform designed for fully automated image acquisition and data analysis of biological samples
  • Analysis of cell suspensions or tissue sections in multi-well plates or slides
  • Automated object detection and cell separation
  • The cytometric analysis is performed on the detected object - data output similar to flow cytometer



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