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Event report

Report on 3rd ESID Prague Spring Meeting
May 10-11, 2004, Prague
Institute of Immunology, 2nd Medical School, Charles University, Prague

On May 10 and 11, 2004, the third ESID Prague Spring meeting was held in the University Hospital Motol, Prague. This year 35 participants from 10 countries, namely Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Russia and USA, attended and actively participated in the event. The mean age of participants was 36 years (with the range from 26 to 68), thus demonstrating the continuous exchange of generations among immunologists mainly in Eastern European countries.

Third ESID Prague Spring Meeting was part of “J project”, coordinated activity of Eastern European countries represented by the chain of successive meetings in these countries with the aim to increase the information about PID in Eastern European Region.

The main task of Prague ESID meeting is traditionally represented by the attempt to facilitate the exchange of information on PID between Western and Eastern Europe. This task was accomplished this year by an excellent attendance from these formerly separated, now mostly unified regions. Invited participating speakers for 2004 were Helen Chapel, Hans Ochs, Anna Villa and Bodo Grimbacher.

Topics for the first day were targeted mainly at the registries of PID in the countries of participants. The topic was opened by the presentation of European PID registry by Bodo Griembacher. The program continued with the introduction of new cluster of diseases on the border between primary immunodeficencies and autoimmune disorders, namely the group IPEX-APECED-ALPS, presented by Hans Ochs. News on SCID and the disorders of innate immunity were on the program second day of the meeting. Large part of the program was devoted to the case reports. Unusual and interesting cases were the most valued among all participants. This year meeting introduced new section concerning the patients involvement in PID area.

The meeting offered complementary activities, composed from the information about the hosting facility, 2nd Medical School and Charles University and University Hospital Motol in Prague and further from rich cultural and social program. The meeting was followed by the bike trip that further enriched the basic motto of Prague Spring Meetings – to facilitate the spread of the information of PID among immunologists. Eight participants took part in the bike trip that started in Prague and finished in Brno, in the laboratory specializing in the molecular diagnosis of PID.

The meeting was supported by EURO-PID-NAS QLRT-2001-02742 FP5 EU project. Ten travel grants were provided for East Europe participants. The event was further supported by Immunotech, Baxter and University Hospital in Motol.

This year meeting confirmed still growing scientific quality of the conference and the usefulness of these educational activities. The plans for the next year has been already initiated.

Anna Sediva, June 2004


Vital information


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Date Time Topic Lecturer Materials for download
10.05 09.00 Welcome speech Anna Sediva, Helen Chapel
10.05 09.30 ESID Register of PID Bodo Grimbacher, Freiburg, Germany PDF file, 1208 kB PPT file, 1208 kB
10.05 10.00 The Paediatric PID Register of Bihor County Zoltan Ellenes-Jakabffy, Oradea, Romania PDF file, 581 kB PPT file, 581 kB
10.05 10.15 Problems and Reality of Russian Registry of Primary Immunodeficiencies Olga Paschenko, Moscow, Russia PDF file, 160 kB PPT file, 160 kB
10.05 10.30 View on the German Support Group DSAI Deutsche Selbsthilfe Angeborene Immundefekte e. V. - Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin Treatment - Experience of a Patient Eva Soergel, Nuremberg, Germany DOC file, 0 kB
10.05 13.00 Peripheral and Central Autoimmunity due to Immune Dysregulation Hans Ochs, Seattle, USA PDF file, 974 kB PPT file, 974 kB
10.05 13.30 APECED - Autoimmune Endocrinopathy-Candidiasis-Ectodermal Dystrophy Anna Sediva, Prague, Czech Republic PDF file, 180 kB PPT file, 180 kB
10.05 13.45 Hematological manifestations of primary immunodeficiencies Anna Yurasova, Moscow, Russia PDF file, 188 kB PPT file, 188 kB
10.05 14.00 Case report – X - Linked Lymphoproliferative disease Marina Praprotnik, Ljubljana, Slovenia
11.05 09.00 Clinical and Laboratory Presentation of IgM Deficiency Jiri Litzman, Brno, Czech Republic PDF file, 147 kB PPT file, 147 kB
11.05 09.15 Recognition Receptors of Innate Immune System Radek Spisek, Prague, Czech Republic
11.05 09.45 Unusual presentation of IKAK4 deficiency Helen Chapel, Oxford, United Kingdom PDF file, 691 kB PPT file, 691 kB
11.05 10.00 Severe Combined Immunodeficiency due to Rag and Artemis defects Anna Villa, Italy PDF file, 1884 kB PPT file, 1884 kB
11.05 10.30 Frequency of MBL Defective Haplotypes in Czech Population Tomas Freiberger, Brno, Czech Republic PDF file, 537 kB PPT file, 537 kB
11.05 10.45 Case report - Fatal Outcome in Two Siblings with Thymic Hypoplasia and Severe Rasa Duobiene, Radvile Malickaite, Vilnius, Lithuania PPT file, 537 kB
11.05 11.00 Successful Allogenic SCT in Infant with Familial Haemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis, Dilemas in Using Young “Unaffected” Sibling Petr Sedlacek, Prague, Czech Republic PDF file, 1309 kB PPT file, 1309 kB
11.05 11.15 Suspected INF Gamma Receptor Deficiency László Vaszil, Budapest, Hungary PDF file, 1578 kB PPT file, 1578 kB
11.05 13.30 Peculiarity of Mycobacterial Infection in Primary Immunodeficiency Patients Elizaveta Galkina, Moscow, Russia PDF file, 352 kB PPT file, 352 kB
11.05 13.45 Case report – Hyper IgE Syndrome Hana Kayserova, Bratislava, Slovakia
11.05 14.00 Case report - Preterm Baby Suspected of Omenn Syndrome Pavel Rozsival, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic PDF file, 485 kB PPT file, 485 kB
11.05 14.15 Case report – Bone Marrow Transplantatiton in X-linked T-B+NK+ SCID patient with Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia Lucie Sramkova, Prague, Czech Republic PDF file, 2275 kB PPT file, 2275 kB






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