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Zpráva z akce

May 13-17th, 2015
Slavonice, Czech Republic

The first Eastern Spring School in Primary Immunodeficiencies was organized in May 2015 in Slavonice, a small city in southern Bohemia, in the Czech Republic. The school was planned as an opportunity for young colleagues, mostly ESID juniors, to join the faculty and over 4 days discuss all aspects of PIDs. The school was attended by 22 participants, especially, but not only, from Eastern European countries (Azerbajian, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegocina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Malaysia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain). Ten members of faculty came from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

The meeting was very intensive, comprised from 3 full days of intensive work, lectures and discussions. The most special aspect of the meeting was a very friendly atmosphere established since the beginning among faculty and participants. For majority of students it was the first opportunity to come to a school devoted to primary immunodeficiencies. Such possibility was very welcome and appreciated by all attendants. We hope that we have set up a foundation for further development of educational events targeted at a possibility to raise a level in PIDs knowledge and patient care, especially in Eastern Europe. Such education is highly needed especially now in times of fast and exciting research progress.

For more information, please, visit the event's Facebook page, where you can find programme, some pictures from the event and much more.





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