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Course of Immunology requirements for foreign students 3rd year (2017/2018)

Presence in lectures is obligatory. Lectures are held every Tuesday at 8.00 - 9.40 at the Small left Lecture hall.

Students will be required to write  a seminar thesis. Terms and conditions will be specified at the fisrt seminar. It will take place at the lecture room at Department of Immunology, 3rd floor, block G on Thursday at 8.00 - 9.40, October 5, 2017 for group 3 and 4 at 8.00-9.40 on Friday, October 6, 2017 for groups 1 and 2.

Each thesis will be presented orally afterwards. Your assays in the digital form are to be send to: and assigned teacher(more informations at the first seminar), until 28.10.2017.

The first seminar is compulsory, the time of the seminars is devoted to self-studying, preparation of writtem work and consultations with teachers.

Oral presentations of seminary thesis are also compulsory and will take place in Lecture hall at Department of Immunology at 8.00 - 9.40am. Seminaries devoted to oral presentations are assigned to November 23 and 30 and December 7(for groups 3 and 4) and November 24 and December 1 and 8 (for groups 1 and 2).

Credits will be give on the basis of the presence in lectures, writen seminary thesis and its presentation. Three absences in lectures are tolerated. More frequent absences must be based on official certificate and will be solved individually.

Oral examination: 2 out of 50 questions.

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Lecturer Materials for download
03.10.2017 Immune system, overview. Phagocytic cells, complement. Communication between cells of immune systems, adhesion molecules, cytokines. Špíšek Soubor PDF, 5522 kB Soubor PPT, 5522 kB
10.10.2017 Antigen processing and presentation, HLA I and II class. Šedivá Soubor PPT, 5522 kB
17.10.2017 Immunity against infection. Adkins Soubor PPT, 5522 kB
24.10.2017 Specific (adaptive) immunity T and B lymphocytes. Palich - Fučíková Soubor PPT, 5522 kB
31.10.2017 Immunodeficiency,vaccination. Šedivá Soubor PPT, 5522 kB
07.11.2017 Immunity against tumors. Špíšek Soubor PPT, 5522 kB
14.11.2017 Immunology of transplantation. Kalina Soubor PDF, 5292 kB
21.11.2017 Autoimmunity. Immunopathology. Sobotková Soubor PPT, 5292 kB
28.11.2017 Immunopathological reactions,allergy. Klocperk Soubor PPT, 5292 kB
05.12.2017 Immunotherapy. Podrazil Soubor PDF, 1725 kB Soubor PPT, 1725 kB
12.12.2017 Clinical aspects of immune disorders. Horváth
27.05.2018 Cell signaling in current diagnostics and treatment RNDr. Daniel Smrž, Ph.D. Soubor PPT, 1725 kB


Course of Immunology - foreign
Course of Immunology - foreign students
PPT file
Immunology Essays 2016
Immunology Essays
DOC file
Topics 2016
Immunology Essay Topics
DOC file
 Immunology Essays 2016
Evaluation Form

Exam Questions

Exam Questions 2012
Exam Questions
DOC file

Clinical immunology taught within the internal medicine lecture series, 5th & 6th year

Lecture on vasculitis
Lecture on vasculitis
PPT file (990 kB)

Recommended literature

+Abbas A. K.:Cellular and molecular immunology: Elsevier, 2012(B) (2015 -available as ebook)
+Paul W. E: Fundamental immunology. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2013, 7th ed.
+Rich R. R.: Clinical immunology: principles and practice. Elsevier Saunders, 2013. 4th ed.                                            +Murphy K., Weaver C.: Janeway´s Immunobiology, Garland science, 2016, 9th ed.

Prof. MUDr. J. Bartůňková, DrSc.
Head, Dept. of Immunology
Charles University, 2nd Medical School



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