Clinical lab

The routine laboratory of the Institute of Immunology covers the entire spectrum of immunological tests that are required to diagnose and follow the course and treatment of immunopathological diseases. The basic assortment of immunological tests is constantly amended to include new, progressive tests which both replace outdated types of tests, or introduce completely new tests in order to enable to test the patients' immunological profile in accordance to the newest scientific discoveries. New methods are introduced continuously. As early as 1996, there was a significant improvement in the testing of antibodies and autoantibodies, and in the same year we introduced a new test of blast transformation of lymphocytes for the diagnosis and the most severe forms of primary immunodeficiencies. In the year 2000, we significantly improved the diagnosis of phagocyte deficiencies through the introduction of chemiluminescence based testing. In the field of cell immunity, we continuously expand the spectrum of tested parameters, mainly through the use of flow cytometry, which is part of the most modern equipment of the laboratory. The laboratory steadily works on the improvement of the diagnosis of allergy.

The routine laboratory methods are provided 24 hours a day. Some laboratory methods are also available as immediate test within the framework of services provided by the laboratory. In addition to the common testing of antibodies, complement and CRP, immediate tests include the testing of ANCA autoantibodies and the differential diagnosis of the most severe kidney and lung disorders. In the immunology lab, immediate test is also used to test liquor.

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Název:                           Ústav imunologie 2. LF UK a FN Motol
Adresa:                         Praha 5, V úvalu 84

Přednostka:                     Prof. MUDr. Jiřina Bartůňková, DrSc., MBA.
telefon:                               22443 5960
e-mail:                                @email

Primářka:                          Prof. MUDr. Anna Šedivá, DSc.
Telefon:                              22443 5959
e-mail:                                @email

Vrchní laborantka:          Bc. Anna Skalická
telefon:                                22443 5970
e-mail:                                @email

Vedoucí laboratorního
provozu                             RNDr. Jan Lašťovička, CSc.

Telefon:                               22443 5997
e-mail:                                @email

laboratoř - nepřetržitá služba:    22443 5985
potrubní pošta: 5985
Provozní doba:  nepřetržitý provoz

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