Immunology (3rd year)

All the information, study materials, quizzes etc. can be found at the Moodle course Immunology DA0105044, the password to which is "ImmunologyIsFun". Below you can find a summary of the most important information.

Course page in SIS:


Tuesdays 8:00-9:45, small left lecture hall (malá levá posluchárna).

Powerpoint slides from previous year's lectures will be made available in each Moodle topic every Monday, up-to-date slides will be uploaded after each lecture. Previous year's YouTube lecture recordings will be available in each topic where available.

4.10.2022 Introduction to immunology, innate immunity, complement
11.10.2022 Inflammation, cytokines, chemokines, antigen presentation, MHC system, cellular signaling
18.10.2022 Adaptive immunity, T, B lymphocytes, antibody response
25.10.2022 Complement and other humoral components of the innate immune system, NK cells, ILC
1.11.2022 Immunity against infection, mucosal and skin immunity
8.11.2022 Immunodeficiency
15.11.2022 Immunopathology, autoimmunity
22.11.2022 Allergic diseases, atopy
29.11.2022 Immunology of transplantation
6.12.2022 Biological therapy, immunostimulation, immunosuppression
13.12.2022 Active/passive immunization
20.12.2022 Immunity against tumours


Seminars take place at the seminar room of the Department of Immunology, 3rd floor, node G in the laboratory tract between the pediatric and adult hospital.

Attendance at the seminars is mandatory, with 2 permitted absences due to important reasons per semestre, based on mutual trust.

Groups 1, 2 Thursdays 8:00-9:40

3.-7.10.2022 Introduction, organization, essay topics
10.-14.10.2022 (HOME) Work on essay
17.-21.10.2022 (HOME) Work on essay
24.-27.10.2022 HOLIDAYS
31.10.-4.11.2022 Laboratory methods in immunology
7.-11.11.2022 (HOME) Work on essay + hand-in
14.-18.11.2022 Immunodeficiency cases workshop
21.-25.11.2022 Outpatients visit
28.11.-2.12.2022 Diagnosis through research in immunology
5.-9.12.2022 Allergo-immuno case reports
12.-16.12.2022 Oral essay presentations
19.-23.12.2022 HOLIDAYS
2.-6.1.2023 Oral essay presentations


Composition of an essay is one of the crucial tasks leading up to the exam and is necessary to obtain your credits. Students can join in groups of up to three to choose one of the presented topics, or choose their own after consultation with the teachers, then compose and submit an essay via Moodle by midnight of November 13th. An oral presentation will then follow in December, also as part of the credit. More information will be given at the first seminar.


Each week after the Tuesday lecture, a short mandatory online test will open up in Moodle. This has to be completed and submitted by each student before Friday midnight. Their purpose is to promote revision of that week's topic and they will be mostly focused on (but not entirely limited to) what was discussed during the lecture, thus helping you form a stronger memory of the topic for the future.


Credits are awarded based on the essay, presentation, tests and presence at seminars.

They will be listed in SIS before exam period starts.


The exam will be held in person, orally.

Dates will be listed on December 16th, sign-ups will open December 19th.

Pre-term examinations will be held during the week 9.-13.1.2023.

The list of exam topics is listed here.

Recommended literature

  • Lectures! Each exam topic should be at least in part be covered during one of the lectures - not exhaustively (which is impossible given the time alotted), so we expect self-study to be an important part of your preparation. The lectures should however give you an idea of what is important and put the systems into proper context.
  • Abbas, Lichtman, Pillai: Cellular and Molecular Immunology, Elsevier, 2017, 9th edition
  • Murphy, Weaver: Janeway´s Immunobiology, Garland Science, 2017, 9th edition
  • Hořejší, Bartůňková, Brdička, Špíšek: Základy imunologie, Triton, 2017, 6. vydání
  • Chapel, Haeney, Misbah, Snowden: Essentials of Clinical Immunology, Wiley, 2014, 6th edition
  • Bartůňková a kolektiv: Imunodeficience, Grada, 2021, 3. přeprac. vydání
  • Bartůňková: Vyšetřovací metody v imunologii, Grada, 2011, 2. přeprac. vydání

Responsible contact persons

Deputy for undergraduate education Adam Klocperk, MD, Ph.D. (@email)
Secretary Zuzana Trnkova (@email)

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