Postgraduate education (Ph.D.)

The brunt of research at the Department of Immunology is made possible through the work of postgraduate doctoral students. Students are mostly enlisted in the study field of Immunology, some into the study field of Cell biology and supervised by senior scientists.

There list of current and past Ph.D. students can be found at the Czech version of this site here.

The Department of Immunology is seeking graduate students interested in immunology, cancer immunology, immunodeficiency, autoimmunity, and allergy.

Methods: cell culture, flow cytometry, mass and spectral cytometry, functional assays, confocal microscopy, quantitative PCR, RNA sequencing, western blot
We look for:

an interest in immunology, basic immunology knowledge, english proficiency

We offer: young team, possibility to attend conferences, fellowships

For more information, or for sending your application (including a CV, a statement of research interests and experience, the names and e- mail addresses of two references), please contact as via E-mail:


prof. Jiřina Bartůňková, M.D., DSc., MBA

prof. Anna Šedivá, M.D., DSc.

Dr. Daniel Smrž, PhD.

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