Many physicians and researchers from the Institute of Immunology  are active members of numerous international organizations, among which the ESID, European Society for Immunodeficiencies, plays the principal role.   Prof. Anna Šedivá was the chairman of europian Working Party PID Care in Development during 2010-2014. Dr. Adam Klocperk is the representative of the ESID Juniors for Czech Republic.

  • During 2003-2013 the team from the Institute of Immunology organized the periodic ESID Prague Spring Meeting, workshop with the presentations of new projects and clinical observations of the ESID members from the whole Europe
  • In the year 2014 the huge biannual congress ESID 2014 was held in Prague with more than 2000 participants from the whole world
  • During 2015-2016 the original Prague Spring Meeting was  extended into ESID Spring School, which was held in 2015 in Slavonice, in 2016 in Třeboň and in subsequent years in the town of Kutná Hora.

The workgroup of the primary immunodeficiences by CSAKI (Czech society of allergology and clinicial immunology) also launched a new website
There you’ll find the list of physicians working in PID field within Czech Republic, survay articles and ather materials for physicians and the reports from meetings with PID topics.

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