Neuron 2021 Prize

Every year, the Neuron foundation awards the Neuron Prize to excellent czech scientists. This year, three prizes were awarded for life-long contribution to science, seven prizes were awarded to young scientists and a new prize was awarded for excellence in connecting business and science.

Doc. PharmDr. Jitka Fučíková, Ph.D. received the Neuron Prize in medicine for her research in tumour immunology and cancer immunotherapy. Jitka Palich Fučíková works in research, development and implementation of immunotherapeutic vaccine against prostate, ovarial and lung cancer, is the author of two international patents and tens of scientific papers in international peer-reviewed journals.

More information (in Czech) can be found here.

Created: 8. 11. 2021 / Modified: 8. 11. 2021 / Responsible person: MUDr. Adam Klocperk, Ph.D.